Fire & Life Safety Services (FLSS)

With our comprehensive emergency planning expertise, the FLSS group stands out as the perfect partner for property managers seeking to address their building compliance requirements. Through careful assessment of your facility, we offer solutions to mitigate risks, maximize occupant safety and minimize business interruptions.

Comprehensive emergency planning tailored to your facility and organization

Our Fire & Life Safety Services (FLSS) group takes a strategic approach to devising tailored strategies for emergency preparedness. We evaluate your facility’s vulnerabilities, risks and resources to then create a roadmap for emergency preparedness and response that covers all essential aspects.

Committed to the continuity and resilience of your business

We go beyond conventional safety measures to create an innovative safety framework that not only protects lives and property, but also supports the resilience and continuity of your business. Through meticulous assessment, documentation, procedure development and training, we improve the safety of your facility.

Emergency procedures that are clear, actionable and effective

Our FLSS group enhances occupant safety with clear emergency procedures and targeted training sessions that foster a culture of preparedness and collective responsibility. We empower your employees and occupants by providing the tools and knowledge they need to respond quickly and efficiently in the case of an emergency.

Detailed services

Fire Safety Plan

At LRI, we offer comprehensive Fire Safety Plan services to safeguard building occupants in strict accordance with the local Fire Codes. Our team collaborates closely with building owners and the authorities to develop, update and implement strategic fire safety plans that respond to diverse occupant needs and prioritize safety of staff and occupants. We also streamline approval processes and liaise directly with the Chief Fire Official to relieve owners of administrative hassles.

We are committed to your fire safety and thereby identify that all mandatory elements, such as fire alarm systems, protection measures and emergency protocols are incorporated in your plan. We mandate annual plan reviews to ensure relevance and effectiveness in the face of changing circumstances. Our plans enhance overall property safety and preparedness, providing peace of mind to both building owners and occupants.

Alternative Measures Plan

Upon request, our Fire & Life Safety Services (FLSS) group can provide Alternative Measures for situations where fire protection and life safety systems temporarily face partial or complete shutdown due to renovations or a special event not covered by the your current Fire Safety Plan. We conduct a thorough evaluation of your building’s passive and active systems and identify how the renovation or a special event will affect the life safety of building occupants. We then create a comprehensive plan to address the unique challenges presented by a system shutdown. Our alternative measures plan is submitted to the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) for review and approval. Each step of the way, our dedicated team addresses every detail to ensure seamless life safety procedures in your building despite any system interruptions that may arise.

Fire Safety Plan Annual Reviews

A Fire Safety Plan is an emergency planning and life safety document that incorporates distinctive attributes of your property, occupants and operations. These elements will change over time, as will industry standards and health & safety regulations. As part of our comprehensive suite of Fire Planning Services, our team can assist you with the annual review process to ensure your Fire Safety Plan is compliant with the most recent Fire Code requirements. By conducting regular reviews of your plan, you can identify any changes to the building layout, occupancy or fire and life safety systems in place. Adjusting your plan according to these changes will help maintain a safe environment for your building and occupants.

Fire Safety Training (staff, occupants, fire wardens)

At LRI, we offer innovative and adaptable training solutions that reflect our commitment to advancing fire and life safety, and ensuring code compliance. We help participants feel well-equipped to handle emergencies effectively, thus creating safer environments for everyone involved. Our experts can offer in-person training at your facility, online sessions, or a hybrid model that incorporates both. Sessions can be live-streamed for real-time participation or recorded so that individuals can view the content at their convenience.

Our training offerings include:

  • Fire warden training
  • Supervisory staff training
  • Emergency response and recovery
  • Fire code compliance and inspections
  • Emergency management

We tailor each training session to reflect the unique specifications of your building and organization, so participants feel empowered to respond to real life situations that could occur in their environment. As an option, our training sessions can be accessed anytime through our Learning Management System (LMS) so individuals can participate at their own pace and this valuable knowledge remains accessible to all.

Fire Drill Evaluations

At LRI, we specialize in comprehensive fire drill evaluations for businesses to meet the fire code and health and safety standards. Through an initial consultation and then drill or exercise (simulated or comprehensive), our team identifies strengths and weaknesses in your emergency response procedures. Following the drill or exercise, we provide a detailed and actionable report that outlines strengths and areas for improvement. This report includes specific recommendations for participant actions during the drill and enhancing emergency response protocols.

With a commitment to ongoing fire safety improvement, we will identify procedures that are compliant with safety standards and stay ahead of emerging best practices. We also emphasize the importance of education and training by providing in-person training sessions to empower employees with the knowledge and skills required to respond to fire emergencies both quickly and effectively. LRI is your trusted partner in enhancing the overall fire safety awareness and preparedness within your organization.

Emergency Operations Drawings

Our team will work with you to determine the content and layout of these important drawings. Emergency operations drawings contain information regarding your property’s fire and life safety systems, critical and hazardous areas, security devices/equipment, emergency response tools, building systems, operations equipment and other details about your facility. Having these drawings on hand is an important part of emergency preparedness for your organization.

Emergency Response Plans and Training

At LRI, we take an “All-Hazards” approach to our emergency response plans and training programs in order to help prevent, mitigate, prepare, respond and recover from diverse emergencies. Our strategies are carefully crafted in accordance with legal requirements, industry standards, best practices, and organizational policies. We work closely with you to develop plans and training programs that ensure regulatory compliance while safeguarding lives and property in your building.

  • The response plan is designed to be used as a functional tool for management and front-line staff. We use tabletop exercises to provide a platform for stakeholders to review and revise response plans and objectives in a low-stress environment.
  • The training programs are tailored to meet the specific needs of your facility and ensure your personnel are well-equipped to handle any emergency scenario. Using the principles of the Incident Management System (communication, coordination, collaboration, and flexibility), our programs often include emergency response exercises. Participants gain the knowledge and skills needed to handle emergency situations quickly and effectively.

Emergency Management Plans

An Emergency Management Plan addresses all phases of emergency management for your property: prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. Our plans are carefully crafted to provide comprehensive guidance that will enable your personnel to respond to, and recover from, a wide array of incidents that may endanger life, property, operations, or the environment.

Your property has unique risks and it is important to have a comprehensive overview of your organization’s emergency management to identify the vulnerabilities, evaluates business impact, and provides tools for emergency response management, business continuity and crisis communication.

5 Pillars of Emergency Management:

  • Prevention
  • Preparedness
  • Mitigation
  • Response
  • Recovery

Our team of experts will work with you to establish an Emergency Management Plan that suits your organization and formalizes the response to emergency events that could occur in, or near, your facility. Your personnel will have a clear understanding of their responsibilities during any identified event, as well as the organization’s commitment to operational resilience and life safety.

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