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Building code interpretation

Fostering safety and compliance in government-operated buildings

At LRI, we have the expertise to conduct thorough inspections, provide guidance and maintain public safety through code compliance. We understand and abide by government projects' higher threshold of compliance. We have put in place thorough vetting processes for the selection of government project teams, with different levels of security clearance. We are familiar with procedural differences of various government levels, and the multiple stakeholders involved. We are aware that critical operations may impact design and processes, and most of all, we have the experience to navigate government and private projects successfully.

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Building risk audit

Protecting the safety and well-being

Governments prioritize fire safety, and the LRI team offers specialized support by conducting detailed building assessments to identify potential risks and evaluate emergency response systems. This proactive approach enhances emergency preparedness and contributes to residents' and visitors' overall safety and well-being.

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Plan review

Working together for safer environments

Plan review is a critical step in the pre-construction process during the design phase. It supports code compliance and fire safety standards to minimize risk and sustain resilient community infrastructure. Our expert team conducts meticulous plan reviews to identify potential fire hazards, evaluate evacuation strategies, and verify fire suppression systems.

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Expert guidance

Minimizing risks and costs for governments

Our team has the specialized expertise to support governments in building safe environments for all people. We provide guidance on code compliance for construction projects and rectify issues promptly to avoid costly code violations or legal disputes. We promote safety standards and help streamline processes, which results in resource savings for the municipality.

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We are your solution with a wealth of specific knowledge

Government entities know they can rely on our detailed knowledge of the code and come directly to us with questions when faced with a challenge. We are familiar with the different standards of public entities and can easily apply the national and provincial codes. Our experience on large infrastructure projects and navigating the administrative complexities of the government make us the partner you can truly lean on.

Meet our experts

Shawn Young,

Branch Manager Ottawa

Steven Grant,
P.Eng., M.A.Sc.

Vice President – Engineering


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