Cineplex Theatres and Entertainment Complexes

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Project Overview

Cineplex has over 160 locations in Canada, with movie theatres and entertainment complexes located from coast to coast. For 30 years, Fire & Life Safety Services has provided Fire Safety Planning Services to Cineplex locations nationwide, including standalone theatres and in-house shopping mall theatres. The development of Plans varies depending on local requirements at the municipal and provincial levels. The Plans need to meet the requirements of the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) at each layer of government across Canada. The Plans are made to adapt to the changing needs of Cineplex’s business model and business lines. The VIP Cinema operations need to include the serving food and alcohol within the theatre auditorium.

Our impact on the project

Plans include fire emergency planning and a Fire and Life safety equipment maintenance document, which incorporates distinctive attributes of the theatre and its operation. A Plan needed to be adapted to meet the needs of standalone theatres and in-house shopping mall theatres. Questions on how the theatre systems can interact with the shopping malls’ life safety systems. The Plan’s emergency procedures needed to address alarm response from theatre staff and in-house shopping mall staff. In this way, the Plan meets the various AHJ requirements for emergency planning and theatre Life Safety systems. Over the years, LRI has developed over 2,500 Fire Safety Plans for all types of buildings, providing the team with a vast array of experience that can be adapted to meet any of our clients’ needs.

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