Services Profile: Fire Safety Plans – Your Solution for Building Fire Safety

A Fire safety plan is a document that provides information about the building’s fire alarm, fire protection, life safety and emergency systems. The Plan outlines the fire safety practices and response procedures for the building’s occupants and supervisory staff to follow in the event of a fire emergency.

Fire Safety Plans are required under the Ontario Fire Code in most buildings, outlining the legal requirements for the owner(s) and must be submitted and approved by the local Fire Department. Fire Safety Plans contain everything from building drawings, fire and life safety system resources to pertinent contact information. For property managers, Fire Safety Plans are an essential document that provides emergency procedures and responsibilities to individuals including building staff and occupants. The Fire Code requires all Plans be reviewed at intervals not greater than 12 months and updated as appropriate for changes to the building or organization that affect content or implementation of the plan. Substantive changes to the Fire Safety Plan are to be approved by Chief Fire Official.


Fire Warden Training: Supervisory personnel having Fire Safety Plan responsibilities must understand their roles for the Fire Safety Plan to be effective. LRI offers training online and in-person.

Fire Drills: Are mandated under the Fire Code with the frequency depending on occupancy type, hazards, and building height. LRI can assist with on-site drills.

Persons Requiring Assistance: Alternative solutions are required for those requiring assistance.

LRI has worked with owners for arenas, stadiums, theatres, convention centres, shopping centres, hospitals, residential buildings, commercial high-rise buildings, restaurants, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, transportation complexes, chemical and power plants.

LRI offers services to review, update or prepare Fire Safety Plans and can also provide fire safety training and fire drill evaluations. As a leader in the fire protection industry, we are committed to providing the highest standards in fire and life safety services. By complying with the Fire Code and having an approved Fire Safety Plan that is fully implemented, you fulfil your legal responsibilities and can be assured that occupants receive the highest possible level of fire safety. Since 1986 LRI has helped develop and receive approval for thousands of Fire Safety Plans for our Clients.

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