Dream Office REIT

Assembly – Mixed-Use (Office/Retail/Residential)

Project Overview

Dream Real Estate Trust (REIT) is one of Canada’s leading real estate companies with properties in major urban centres across the country, including offices, residential, industrial and retail properties. LRI provided a regional emergency management program that included 35 properties in Toronto, Ottawa and Gatineau with a total square footage of over 5,000,000 sqft. The program included the development of an Incident Management System (IMS) that could be implemented and used across multiple properties. An emergency response plan template was developed to support the continuity of operations across Dream properties. This template could later be tailored to each property while maintaining a consistent response structure and process. Site surveys were conducted to acquire site-specific information and complete a risk assessment. We built emergency operation drawings to support incident management in tandem with the emergency response procedures. We also developed site-specific emergency response plans, taking into consideration staffing levels, emergency systems, building design and location.

Our impact on the project

Dream REIT has made safety its top priority and worked closely with LRI to develop a cohesive emergency management program by creating and implementing an incident management structure and emergency response plans at each of the properties included in the program. EMP documents identified specific risks that could affect the Client’s operations and provided guidelines and processes to prevent, mitigate, prepare for, respond to and recover from an incident that threatens life, property, operations, organizational reputation or the environment. Our highly experienced technical team and our years of experience in Emergency Management made LRI the perfect fit to meet the Client’s unique and complex needs in connection with this important EM Program.

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