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Strategically located near major highways and roadways, our Laval office ensures convenient accessibility to our wide network of clients and job sites. Just 30 minutes from Montreal’s downtown core, we are also in close proximity to hospitals and the airport. Our Montreal office is a collaborative work environment that fosters communication and technical knowledge sharing across the entire country.

Landmark projects in Montreal

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Patricia Fortier, P.Eng.

Branch Manager Montreal

Working in our Montreal office

Immerse yourself in a thriving work environment at our Montreal location, where culture, services, and activities converge to create a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere. Affordable housing is available nearby, making this an ideal place to settle into a well-rounded, cost-effective lifestyle. Our office is located in the national headquarters of CEP Forensic Inc. and serves as a strategic hub for professional growth. You will find an enriching daily experience and valuable work-life balance at our Montreal location.

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