The Hybrid Model for the Hybrid World

LRI meets this challenge by providing training using the SkyPrep Learning Management System, our service known as the Learning Management System (LMS). With LMS you can create, manage, deliver, and track training with ease to drive success and provide a seamless learning experience for your employees, customers, and partners alike. The advantages of our hybrid workplace training are numerous, aiding in time and expense optimization while providing people with choices and options on how best to learn where and when.

In the past, LRI staff conducted most training in-person and on-site which provided a prominent level of engagement but limiting participants to a specific date, time, and place. Virtual training eliminated the issue of everyone being in one location but, was still limiting based on availability, time zones and scheduling conflicts. Recorded Virtual training alleviated both place and time issues but still had its challenges. Recorded training facilitators do not maintain optimal engagement, making recordings an unsafe option when compliance training is essential and legally required to ensure life safety.

At LRI we offer multiple solutions for what fits best for your company and employees, as training programs can be tailored to your company needs. What works for one company, or even one employee may not offer the same benefits as another. Should in-person training remain your preference, we are happy to come to your office and provide personal on-site training with one of our experts. If you have most staff in-office who want to be trained but still have some people off-site, then a hybrid option of in-person with online viewing is available. Training can be live-streamed or captured and watched at a time more convenient for those unavailable or in a different time zone. If purely hybrid is your preference webinars can be viewed at any time. Flexibility offers opportunities and raises engagement.

Advancing fire and life safety is what LRI does, being innovative and adaptable are tenants of our business. Due to the importance of Fire and Life Safety training, our LMS can track and monitor learning to ensure you that all required training is delivered to its maximum effect. There are quizzes and testing intermit to keep engagement high and to ensure a transference of knowledge. We drive accountability and can ensure quality and verify completeness ensuring that all people who receive a certificate can proudly display their achievement. For additional convenience, the LMS system is offered at variable times where it can be active for days, weeks, months or could be left ongoing and used for onboarding purposes.

The requirements under the Ontario Fire Code have not changed; it is imperative that those charged with emergency duties are trained appropriately as a requirement by law. In many cases old training models no longer meet the needs of the hybrid workplace. LRI is committed to safety by providing individual solutions that meet the needs of our diverse set of clients by putting together training options that are as unique as each organization. We ensure the training is accessible and easy to access for all employees.

LRI’s Learning Management System is one way we assist clients with maintaining compliance with the fire code. The LMS provides a configurable, user-specific, and convenient means of delivering training through a virtual platform. The LMS system is offered independently or together with an in-person option, we will collaborate and develop a system custom made for your hybrid workplace.

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