Welcome to our Calgary office

Located near the airport and major highways, our Calgary office ensures convenient access to our clients and job sites. Just 15 minutes from the downtown core and City Hall, we operate a central hub for a variety of business endeavors. By heading north on Highway 2, you can easily access our Edmonton sites as well. A comprehensive range of services are available directly from the Calgary office and our collaborative environment fosters knowledge sharing across geographic boundaries.

Landmark projects in Calgary

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Matthew Hopley, M.Eng., P.Eng.

Branch Manager Calgary

Working in our Calgary office

Our Calgary location offers the perfect work-life balance, situated just 15 minutes away from vibrant neighborhoods like Brentwood, Varsity, Crescent Heights, and Hillhurst. You will enjoy proximity to both the city center and serene wilderness with many beautiful parks and golf courses nearby. This is the ideal place for both professional success and a fulfilling personal life. Elevate your work experience by choosing a location that seamlessly blends convenience, accessibility, and natural beauty.

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