Management of your safety systems for greater peace of mind

Building owners and property managers must ensure fire and life safety systems stay up-to-date and code compliant. Regular drills and safety plan reviews are essential, and our Compliance Connect program offers a secure online platform for you to get the help you need to manage these crucial tasks.

Keeping your fire safety documentation up to date

Having the right documentation on hand is an important part of your code compliance. With our program, you can easily maintain all critical building life safety documents online, using an encrypted, secure, user-friendly interface accessible from any computer or mobile device.

Staying informed about the state of your safety systems

With Compliance Connect, you get reminders and notifications for upcoming or past-due maintenance tasks required for your safety systems. This convenient system will help you avoid missing important steps like fire drills, annual fire safety plan reviews and training sessions.

Simple and efficient management of your tasks

Our comprehensive platform gives you an overview of inspection, testing and maintenance statuses for your building or entire portfolio. You can easily view reports and track follow-ups for deficiencies to ensure due diligence and accountability. Managing all tasks in one place helps mitigate risks and allows you to foresee budget requirements for maintenance and replacements.

Ensuring your constant compliance with safety regulations

Compliance Connect audits allow you to ensure compliance and verify that you are meeting all objectives of the fire code by checking vendor performance. By facilitating the review of your life safety records and documentation, you can demonstrate your high standards and commitment to safety.

Meet our experts

Sonny Truong, RPA, FMA, SMA, CBCP

Manager – Fire and Life Safety Services


Michael Power, ABCP

Senior Advisor – Fire and Life Safety Services


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