Building code and fire protection experts

LRI is the preeminent engineering firm in Canada specializing in fire protection engineering, building and fire code consulting and emergency planning.

Building life cycle support, from design, build, occupancy and operation

From planning and construction to ongoing maintenance, our fire protection experts will support you through the evolution of your building.

A committed and attentive partner you can trust

We are a team of fire protection experts committed to life safety and code compliance. We offer rapid responses to your concerns and communicate the technical details and complexities of your project.
We understand your design objectives, and we offer innovative, cost-effective solutions for code compliance that respects your vision.
You can trust our experts to safeguard occupants and assets through the design of cutting-edge fire protection and life safety systems that are reliable and compliant.
Ensure compliance with our fire safety and emergency management plans, training and drills tailored to your facilities and operations.

We can support navigating the complexities of CAN/ULC-S1001 Integrated Systems Testing and compliance

LRI is Level 4 CAN/ULC-S1001 certified by UL Canada. The LRI team is backed by 35+ years of experience and provide service you can trust.

A reliable local firm with an impressive national presence

LRI is Canada’s most engaging employee-owned engineering firm, offering building code consultation and fire protection and life safety services.
By integrating different facets of maintenance, we gain insight into your building’s life cycle and can plan accordingly to avoid costly issues in the future.
Our teams have in-depth knowledge of all building and fire codes across the country and can support your project with solutions adapted to your vision.
We are experts in building and fire code applications. We can help to minimize compliance issues and enhance safety.
By partnering with LRI, you can expect support from planning and construction to occupancy.

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