Angela Shillolo, ABCP

Technical Consultant – Fire & Life Safety Services

Since joining LRI in 2017, Angela’s career and knowledge in fire and life safety have grown exponentially. She earned certificates in Project Management and Business Continuity from the University of Toronto’s School of Continuing Studies and DRI International, respectively, with a focus on fire investigation.

How can Angela help you?

Angela is a Certified Associate Business Continuity Professional (ABCP). She is also a dedicated volunteer active firefighter who is committed to expanding her expertise through ongoing learning. She has led over one hundred training sessions and is highly specialized in life safety training, including fire warden, evacuation and crisis communication. Angela is responsible for developing, reviewing, and revising fire safety, emergency management/response, and evacuation plans, as well as conducting fire drill evaluations. Her clients consistently express appreciation for her passion and knowledge of fire safety, and her peers hold her in high regard.


  • Fire Safety Plan
  • Alternative Measures Plan
  • Fire Safety Plan Annual Reviews
  • Fire Safety Training (staff, occupants, fire wardens)
  • Fire Drill Evaluations
  • Emergency Operations Drawings
  • Emergency Response Plans and Training
  • Emergency Management Plans
  • Compliance Connect

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