Allan Uribe

Technical Consultant – Fire & Life Safety Services

Allan boasts of a strong background in emergency management and business continuity planning, having previously worked as an emergency public education officer. He holds a specialized honours degree in Disaster and Emergency Management from York University and certificates from the International TEFL Academy while also being IMS 100, IMS 200 and ICS 100 certified.

How can Allan help you?

A technical consultant in the Fire and Life Safety Services group, Allan specializes in disaster and emergency management. He offers highly customized emergency and business continuity planning, covering all aspects of prevention, mitigation, response, and recovery. He is also responsible for developing comprehensive fire safety plans and conducting on-site fire drill audits. Allan takes pride in delivering highly detailed reports to his clients, ensuring they meet even the most stringent safety standards.


  • Emergency Management Planning
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Emergency Table-Top Exercise Training
  • Risk Assessment
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Fire Safety Planning
  • Fire Safety Training
  • Fire Drill Evaluations

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