Toronto Transit Commision (TTC) Union Station

Mass Transit
Toronto, Ontario

Project Overview

The redesign of the Toronto Transit Commission’s primary station involved the renovation of the existing concourse level at Union Station, modification of the existing Union Station platform to serve the University Line and the construction of a new platform to better serve the Yonge Line. The project is one of Waterfront Toronto’s and the TTC’s priority projects. For this multi-faceted, composite project, LRI prepared an approach to station emergency ventilation to improve the existing performance level of Union Station. We collaborated with the City of Toronto to discuss this approach and the degree of compliance with the Building Code, which was ultimately deemed satisfactory by the City.

Union Station remained open throughout the transformation, which posed a challenge in terms of coordinating with GO Transit and local businesses while maintaining a customer-centric approach.

LRI provided building code review services to the design team so that the improvement plans addressed the Life Safety needs of passengers and pedestrians. The team provided an extensive suite of services, including the review of drawings, preparation of Building Code approaches and reports, performance-level evaluations, development of interpretations to address unique design challenges and negotiations with the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

Our impact on the project

LRI’s extensive transit experience proved valuable, as it allowed the design team to navigate the approach to Building Code application for this priority subway improvement program to better service the city and the growing population. Additionally, LRI has extensive experience in providing Code, Systems and Fire and Life Safety services for mass transit. Some of LRI’s other transit projects include the Calgary Green Line, Metrolinx Eglinton Crosstown, Scarborough Subway Extension, and Kennedy Station.

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