Services Profile: Building Condition Assessment – Your Solution for Capital Planning

LRI has extensive experience providing building condition assessments (BCAs) based on the requirements of local and national Building and Fire Codes.

BCAs provide our clients with a better understanding of the condition of their assets: they identify mandatory repairs to fire and life safety systems and also identify potential upgrades required as part of future renovations.

In most jurisdictions, compliance with the applicable fire code is mandatory and the requirements of the fire code are retroactive. Compliance with the fire code is the responsibility of the owner/operator and noncompliance can result in Orders to Comply or fines. Our BCAs help our clients proactively identify repairs or upgrades that are required, rather than wait for them to be identified by the local fire department in an Order to Comply.

The requirements of building codes are not retroactive and may apply to future renovations, depending on the scope of work. Many features of existing buildings do not comply with current building codes, which are always evolving. Our BCAs help our clients identify those life safety and fire protection features of their buildings that do not comply with current codes and may require upgrading at the time of renovation. This information assists in capital planning for voluntary upgrades or for future renovations.

As part of building condition assessments, LRI reviews drawings, reports and other available documentation related to the building’s existing life safety and fire protection systems. We interview the building operations staff that are knowledgeable with respect to the building and its systems and we conduct a walk-through inspection to identify life safety and fire protection related issues. The information we gather is compiled into a report that describes the existing building, its systems, and the identified fire code and building code compliance issues. The issues are described, photographed, and applicable recommendations provided.

Typical Fire Code and Building Code issues identified during BCAs include:

  • Trip and fall hazards
  • Unprotected penetrations (i.e. not firestopped) in fire separations
  • Accumulations of combustible materials
  • Construction without a permit
  • Infrequent fire extinguisher and hose cabinet inspections
  • Obstructed exits and means of egress
  • Infrequent testing and inspection of Life Safety Systems
  • Barrier-free accessibility issues
  • Damaged or non-functional closures in fire separations
  • Outdated/missing Fire Safety Plans
  • Required replacement of existing fire protection systems
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