Experience Profile: Union Station Revitalization

The update of Canada’s busiest railway station and transit hub involves the development of a connected, new concourse level and retail shopping level.

Beginning in 2009, the resto-ration and revitalization of Union Station —one of the busiest transit hubs in North America—was underway, transforming the iconic site into a major destina-tion for shopping and dining. The $800 million City initiative seeks to restore the station’s heritage elements, double pedestrian capacity and connect the newly designed GO Transit concourse and new retail level to the PATH System and the TTC Union Station Subway. 

LRI’s extensive transit expertise proved valuable in ensuring a safe and code compliant design for the project, as the team reviewed the proposed construction and the impact to existing conditions. Specifically, LRI was responsible for the outline of an exit strategy from Union Station, to address the increase in occupant load, based on the proposed construction.

To help navigate the challeng-es posed by occupant load, LRI’s research involved the review of international standards (i.e. National Fire Protection Associa-tion NFPA-101 Life Safety Code) to derive a suitable occupant load factor not specifically addressed by the OBC. As such, LRI’s role on the project ensured that the design accommodates the City’s projected population rise and increased dependency on public transit, in a safe and fluent transition.

NORR Architects

Toronto, Ontario

Project Info
Budget: $800M
Period: 2009-ongoing

Services Provided
Building Code Review
Fire Code Review
Plans Review
Engineering Judgements Alternative Solutions
Consulting with AHJ
Fire Safety Planning

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