Experience Profile: Goodes Hall Expansion

The respectful expansion of an existing heritage building results in a dynamic building that enhances student and faculty engagement.

Goodes Hall was originally constructed in 1892, and was expanded in 1914, 1951, and in 2000. The most current project involved the expansion of the existing facility, adding approximately 6,500 m2 of floor area. The expansion comprised occupancies such as classrooms, seminar rooms, study rooms, offices, below-grade vehicle parking and miscellaneous service and storage rooms. Portions of the existing building were also renovated as part of the project.

LRI was involved as a sub-consultant to the Project Architect. These services included participation in project meetings, review of architectural design development floor plans for compliance with the principal fire protection and life safety requirements of the 2006 Ontario Building Code (OBC) Division B, Part 3, “Fire Protection, Occupant Safety and Accessibility,” and Part 11, “Renovation,” preparation of OBC approach reports, and participation in meetings with the Authority Having Jurisdiction for the purpose of presenting the approach to application of the OBC.

Additionally, an Alternative Solution was developed by LRI to address exiting conditions that did not meet the strict application of OBC requirements for exiting, within the heritage component of the building.

+VG Architects

Queen’s University – Kingston, Ontario

Services Provided
Building Code Review
Fire Code Review
Plans Review
Alternative Solutions
Consultation with AHJ

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