Shawn Young, C.Tech.

Branch Manger Ottawa

Shawn embarked on his journey with LRI back in 1999, specializing in building code consulting. Over the years, his keen interest and dedication to fire and life safety have propelled him to evolve into a versatile and multi-disciplinary manager. Shawn’s dynamic skill set and extensive project experience enable him to provide a unique perspective and comprehensive consideration of challenges. This allows him to develop tailored solutions that not only meet the client’s needs but also ensure strict compliance with relevant codes and standards. Shawn is a graduate of Algonquin College of Applied Arts, specializing as a Fire Protection and Safety Technician. He is also an esteemed member of the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technologists and Technicians. Moreover, Shawn has served as the President of the Society of Fire Protection Engineers – National Capital Chapter from 2013 to 2015, further highlighting his leadership and commitment to the field.

How can Shawn help you?

As Branch Manager of the Ottawa office and Systems group, Shawn holds the pivotal role of overseeing the management and delivery of all services provided by LRI. With a wealth of experience spanning over two decades in fire protection and code consulting, Shawn is a seasoned expert in his field, known for his adaptability and proficiency. His specialized skills include building code application consulting, building code review/plan examination, fire code application and inspection, fire protection systems testing, life safety studies, fire alarm system retrofitting, fire safety plan preparation, fire safety plan training seminars, and AutoCAD operation. Shawn’s exceptional expertise is widely recognized by his clients, and he has contributed significantly to numerous projects involving government buildings, museums, hospitals, and airports.


Code Engineering

  • Fire Protection Programs
  • Drawing Reviews
  • Building Audits
  • Alternative Solutions/Variances
  • Accessibility


Systems service Description

  • Fire Protection Systems Audit & Evaluation
  • Fire Alarm & Detection Systems Design
  • Fire Suppression Systems Design
  • Tender Document Preparation & Construction Management
  • Fire Protection System Third Party Review **
  • Fire Protection Backflow Preventor Design
  • Smoke Management System Assessment and Design
  • Fire Pump Design
  • Integrated Systems Testing & Evaluation – CAN/ULC-S1001


FLSS Service Description

  • Fire Safety Plan
  • Fire Safety Plan Annual Reviews
  • Fire Safety Training (staff, occupants, fire wardens)
  • Fire Drill Evaluations


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