Aidan Pook

Technical Consultant – Fire & Life Safety Services

Aidan graduated from Fanshawe College with an Advanced Diploma in Fire Inspection & Fire Safety Education and a certificate in Fire Safety Systems. He is a recognized NFPA member and has successfully completed numerous training programs, including NFPA 1031 Certified Fire Inspector I (Level 1), NFPA 1031 Certified Fire Inspector II (Level 2), NFPA 1035 Fire & Life Safety Educator Level 1, NFPA 1035 Fire & Life Safety Educator Level 2, and NFPA 1072 Hazardous Materials Awareness. With previous experience as a Junior Fire Alarm Technician specializing in fire detection systems, Aidan brings valuable expertise to his role.

How can Aidan help you?

As a technical consultant within the Fire and Life Safety Services group, Aidan specializes in several key areas, including building fire safety plan development, conducting fire safety training sessions, performing building site audits, and overseeing fire drills and their subsequent evaluation reports. His expertise in the fire industry is backed by a strong comprehension of the applicable codes, legislation, and standards.


  • Building Fire Safety Plans
  • Fire Safety Plan Annual Reviews
  • Fire Drills and Evaluations
  • Evacuation Plans (EVAC)
  • Fire Safety Training (staff, occupants, fire wardens)

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