Ahmed Soliman, B.Eng., CFAA, ITC

Associate – Systems Engineering

Ahmed’s diverse background in architecture and fire protection makes him an invaluable addition to LRI. With a Bachelor of Engineering in Architecture and Building Technology and a diploma in Fire Protection, he is equipped with a comprehensive skill set that allows him to tackle complex challenges. Ahmed has also earned certifications from ULC as an Integrated Testing Coordinator (ITC) and the Canadian Fire Alarm Association (CFAA). Additionally, Ahmed holds the title of Project Management Professional (PMP), which speaks volumes about his unwavering dedication to excellence in project management.

Known for his adept presentation skills, he is actively involved in the fire protection industry, keeping up to date with best practices and all the latest developments. His work is infused with the most current insights, ensuring a cutting-edge approach that delivers unparalleled results.

How can Ahmed help you?

Ahmed is an exceptional fire protection engineering expert who stands out for his ability to design and implement complex life and fire safety systems. His comprehensive expertise in fire protection engineering is widely respected, and he has a proven track record of delivering outstanding results. One of his greatest strengths is his excellent communication skills, which enable him to explain technical concepts with ease. Ahmed is a master at designing fire alarm systems that meet CAN/ULC 528 standards and conducting verifications in accordance with CAN/ULC 537 requirements. He is also highly proficient in integrated testing systems, smoke control systems, fire sprinkler and standpipe hydraulic calculations, and fire pump design and hydraulic calculations. This demonstrates his exceptional skills and knowledge in fire protection engineering. Furthermore, Ahmed is a certified S1001 coordinator, which makes him a valuable resource for clients seeking expert guidance in implementing integrated testing systems.


  • Fire Protection Systems Audit & Evaluation
  • Fire Alarm & Detection Systems Design
  • Mass Notification System Design **
  • Fire Suppression Systems Design
  • Special Hazard System Design
  • Tender Document Preparation & Construction Management
  • Fire Protection System Third-Party Review **
  • Fire Protection Backflow Preventor Design
  • Smoke Management System Assessment and Design
  • Fire Pump Design
  • Integrated Systems Testing & Evaluation – CAN/ULC-S1001

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