Abbas Nanji, M.S., P. Eng.

Senior Materials Specialist – Code Engineering

Abbas Nanji joined LRI in October 2022 and is a highly experienced professional with 45 years of expertise in his field. Prior to that, he worked as a staff engineer at ULC/UL for 22 years, where he evaluated and certified construction materials for both Canada and the USA. During his tenure at ULC/UL, Abbas actively participated in the development of ASTM and ULC standards and collaborated with various universities and the National Research Council of Canada. He has also contributed significantly to the field of consulting engineering and construction project management, having worked on several projects globally.

How can Abbas help you?

Abbas Nanji is a seasoned professional specializing in alternative solutions and engineering judgments. He is also a skilled expert in building material evaluations, testing, and certifications, focusing on passive fire resistance and structural systems. With extensive experience in ULC/UL structural engineering and construction project management and a strong background in codes and standards development, Abbas brings a wealth of expertise to his work. Known for his proficiency in evaluating materials for safety standards, Abbas approaches projects with a global perspective, navigating complex architectural landscapes adeptly. Collaborate with Abbas for insight that prioritizes safety, sustainability, and innovative architectural solutions.


  • Alternative Solutions
  • Engineering Judgements
  • Building Materials Evaluations

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