Burwood Distillery

Calgary, AB

Project Overview

Burwood Distillery is a multi-purpose building situated in the historic Currie Barracks in Calgary. The establishment comprises a distillery, a collaborative restaurant and a partner craft brewery, creating a unique space for events, education, and tasting experiences in the region. LRI’s involvement with the project began when the current distillery was just a vacant historical building. We provided code consulting and Alternative Solution work that facilitated the construction of the distillery and transformation into a multi-purpose building while simultaneously assessing the hazards associated with combining a distillery with other occupancy types. Risk-based assessment methods determined the required Fire and Life Safety features that needed to be incorporated into the design. The renovation transformed the initial structure into a single, jointly used building that included a distillery, brewery, bar and restaurant.

Our impact on the project

LRI’s analysis facilitated the design of a unique and inviting destination for patrons while maintaining the level of safety required by the Code. Our involvement helped the Client navigate a very challenging compliance path to achieve an acceptable solution for all stakeholders. LRI’s expertise in the distilling and brewing industries helped the Client achieve their design goals, even in the face of the many regulatory challenges associated with renovations and developments in their industry. We have established ourselves as the go-to source for Alternative Solutions in the distilling and brewing industry, providing numerous clients with the tools they need to overcome barriers to expansion and growth. LRI has been called upon to speak at industry events, where our experts provide support and guidance on challenges ranging from simple to complex.

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