Developing Organizational Resilience Series – Part 2

Author: Colin Mander, LRI Engineering Inc.



What is an Emergency Management Committee (EMC)?

A team responsible for the development, testing, review, and implementation of the Emergency Management Program (EMP). Appointing an EMC is a critical step in developing organizational resilience. Using a “bottom-up” approach for developing the EMP can formulate a more comprehensive program and reflect the organization better. Establishing a team within the tiers of the organizational hierarchy can provide unique perspectives within the routine operations of the company. When considering interested individuals, identify their department, experience, and education to ensure a robust committee. Determine what kinds of unique skills each member can bring to the table and where gaps in skillsets/knowledge exist and seek out individuals to fill-in where needed to ensure a well-rounded committee.


Why is an EMC important?

Taking the time to develop a committee will reflect positively on the final EMP. Allocating resources into the planning process and taking time to formalize the approach to the EMP improves the holistic program and better serves the organization. This will help to identify gaps in operations, safety, communications etc. and creates greater value within each aspect of the program. The implementation of the EMC provides an opportunity to clearly develop the scope of the EMP and the specific steps needed to complete each project/plan.

Forming an EMC is an opportunity for an organization to improve internal working relationships, foster knowledge sharing between hierarchies while improving interoperability and sharing unique perspectives.

Responsibility and Leadership

The EMC will uphold the responsibilities of the EMP and provide leadership to staff members. An EMP is designed to protect the life safety and operations of an organization, members of the EMC should operate with integrity when developing the program. The EMC has the obligation to develop the EMP and regularly test and revise aspects of the program, to validate its effectiveness. The EMC should have regular meeting times to discuss the program and the plans in operation, take each plan one step at a time to create the best possible resource.


Getting Started

Once ready to initiate the EMP, contact members of the committee to establish the parameters and goal of the program, the support/resources required, and the regular meeting time. The first meeting should address the plans the organization wants to develop, including:

·       Emergency Response Plans

·       Business Continuity Plans

·       Crisis Communication Plans

·       Exercise and Training Plans

Try developing a project road map and subsequent charter to give yourself an idea of the timeline to complete each component and finalize the program.



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