Experience Profile: Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Opened in September of 2014, this building honours the accomplishments, and acknowledges the continuing struggle, for human rights.

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is an eight-storey, 21,000 m2 museum, documenting the history of human rights. This facility is a learning centre for the promotion of the human rights cause.

The building contains a series of open, interconnected storeys, including a ‘Tower of Hope’ observation deck, interconnected by pedestrian ramps and walkways. Significant fire protection and life safety design issues that were addressed included, atrium smoke management and occupant egress. The unique and challenging design gave rise to the need to address compliance with Building Code requirements, through the development of Alternative Solutions, which were subsequently approved by the Authority Having Jurisdiction

LRI was involved as a sub-consultant to the Project Architect, Smith Carter Architects (now Architecture49), and provided a comprehensive array of fire protection and life safety consulting services. These services included Building Code approach development, plans review, preparation of reports, development of Alternative Solutions, and consultation with the AHJ, throughout all project phases. Additionally, LRI was tasked with providing certification of the Alternative Solutions, as required by the AHJ, for final occupancy.


Winnipeg, Manitoba

Services Provided
Building Code Review
Fire Code Review
Plans Review
Alternative Solutions
Consultation with AHJ

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